Regency Romance Classics - Georgette Heyer Collection

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Regency Romance Classics - Georgette Heyer Collection

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Regency Romance Classics - Georgette Heyer Collection

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Regency Romance Classics - Georgette Heyer Collection

E-artnow presents to you the anthology of Regency Classics, Georgette Heyer edition.

Heyer's books act as a bright and colorful window into the 18th-century period in France and England. The witty dialogues, the vividly presented everyday life with a suspenseful story of action, complex characters and the ability to break the genre rules, make her novels stand out. She writes sharp, lively and opinionated characters; although she makes her side characters just as vibrant and delightful as her central ones.
This volume includes the most beloved novels o this extraordinary author:

"Powder and Patch" - Philip Jettan, a handsome and sturdy but tongue-tied youth, is rejected by his true love because he is not foppish enough. He resolves to improve himself and travels to Paris, where he becomes a sensation. Once he returns, however, he is a completely different man...
"The Black Moth" - The story follows Lord Jack Carstares, an English nobleman who becomes a highwayman after taking the blame during a cheating scandal years before. One day, he rescues Miss Diana Beauleigh when she is almost abducted by the Duke of Andover. Jack and Diana fall in love but his troubled past and current profession threaten their happiness.

"These Old Shades" - Fortune favors Justin Alastair, the shallow, bored and infamous Duke of Avon, casting in his way, during one night in Paris, the means to take revenge from his enemy, the Comte de Saint-Vire. Avon encounters an abused boy, LĂ©on Bonnard, whose red hair, deep blue eyes, and black eyebrows somewhat indicate him to be the child of Comte. But the question about who LĂ©on really is gets answered later in this outstanding novel. The Duke of Avon is portrayed as an unfriendly man who has never truly cared or loved anyone or anything, nor has he ever received love.

Regency Romance Classics - Georgette Heyer Collection ist als e-Book verfĂŒgbar.

  • E-Book

    Erscheinungsdatum : 2022-03-25

    Sprache: Englisch

    Verlag E-Book: e-artnow

    ISBN E-Book: 4066338123701

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